Loading, Shipments, Bar Coding, and RFID Tagging

Piping Systems, Inc. has built its fabrication shop to deal with the climate conditions of Wisconsin. Each bay has its own loading dock that is level with the floor for ease of both overhead and forklift loading. Standard loading docks are 60 ft and for long loads – PSI has incorporated a 90 ft indoor loading dock to handle 80 ft spools and modular pipe racks.

Good training for safe practices is an important responsibility that we take seriously when handling and loading of piping for shipments. We use lots of dunnage and supporting to ensure safe loads for job site deliveries…….. Safe Loads Means Safe Lives

All piping spools are identified using weather resistant and chloride free bar coded piece mark labels. These labels match up with the pipe spool drawings (also barcoded) and are placed on each end of each spool at no charge. PSI also has the capability of providing spools with RFID (Radio-frequency identification) global tracking tags for an additional cost.