Piping Systems, Inc.’s fabrication shop is located in the Industrial Park of Hortonville, Wisconsin. It is approximately 15 minutes west of Appleton, 40 minutes southwest of Green Bay, and 90 minutes north of Milwaukee.

The fabrication shop is currently 115,000 Sq Ft under roof situated on 20+ developed and fenced in acres. Additional acreage for both yard and facility expansions, on adjacent properties, has already been acquired with the additional being targeted for future expansions, as needed.

In-house Fabrication Services and Advantages

  • PSI utilizes segregated fabrication bays for carbon/ chrome alloy based steels and stainless steels to maintain the control of any carbon contamination concerns
  • PSI has dual Lincoln Electric – Vernon Tool 5 Axis oxyfuel/ plasma parallel linear cutting lines for maixmum upfront cutting feeds to the production bays
  • PSI has parallel dual chop saw and band saw cutting lines for small bore piping cuts
  • PSI uses the most state-of-the-art welding machines and sourcing with Miller Electric’s Corporate office and plant being conviently located in nearby Appleton, WI.
  • PSI has indoor floor level loading docks in each bay to eliminate unfavorable weather condition concerns. One of the indoor loading docks is 90’ long for extra length spools up to 80’ long
  • PSI fabrication flow is a straight thru, in-line pattern that minimizes congestion, minimizes double handling for fit-ups, and maximizes productivity
  • Bar coded tracking throughout the manufacturing process for accurate data reporting
  • Ample floor space and lift height for performing indoor assemblies and testing of most pipe modules
  • Climate controlled receiving and storage area for most customer supplied equipment and valves